Sermon Topics

Sermon Schedule – May 2018

May 6 – John 15:9-17 – “Complete Joy” Sacrament of Holy Communion


The previous week we considered what our Lord Jesus meant when he instructed His followers to ‘abide,’ to ‘live’ or ‘dwell’ in Him.  This week we will give thought to how this ‘living arrangement’ benefits us… of how Jesus came to bring us “Complete Joy.”



May 13  John 17:6-19 – “Mothers and a Father” Mothers’ Day


Today is the day set aside (by Hallmark?) to honor our mothers.  A day like so many other special days in the year, including Sunday, the Lord’s Day—we do on one day what we should be doing all of the others… In honoring those who birthed and nurtured us, we will see how theirs is a reflection of the true Creator and Nurturer… a Divine relationship between “Mothers and a Father.”



May 20 – Acts 2:1-4, 12-21; Romans 8:22-27 – “Dreams and Visions, Groans and Sighs” Pentecost


The birth of the Christian church at Pentecost is most certainly related to the power of the Holy Spirit… of how God’s Spirit miraculously enabled believers from varied backgrounds to be understand one another, and experience true unity.  That Spirit would not only allow those first Christians to have a glimpse into the future of God’s people… but also to deal with the challenges and weaknesses of the present.  It is the same Spirit that is at work in our lives, as we too can experience “Dreams and Visions, Groans and Sighs.”



May 27 – Romans 8:12-17 – “Family Ties” Trinity Sunday


Our reformed faith is a Trinitarian one, who from infant Baptism to adult ‘graduation’ to the Church Triumphant proclaims a trust in God, three-in-one… Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  This holy mystery, though in many ways unfathomable, can also help guide us in our human relationships with one another.  On this Trinity Sunday, we will celebrate “Family Ties.”