Sermon Topics

Sermon Topics May 2019

May 5 – Acts 9:1-20; John 21:15-17 

 “The Cost of ‘Followship’”

The Sacrament of Holy Communion


Paul was blinded by his own pride and religious zeal… until God closed his eyes and opened his heart.  Peter had already opened his heart to Jesus… but it was his mind and heart that weren’t always as ‘open’ to God’s leading.  We can fall into either ‘category.’  Regardless, we can learn from both Paul and Peter when it comes to the “Cost of Followship.”


May 12 – Acts 9:36-42; John 10:25-28 

“‘The Works That I Do’”


A recent movie dealt with a young person who is clinically dead, yet by the power of faith and prayer was restored to life.  Today’s passage from Acts also deals with a young person who was brought back to life from death by the power of faith and prayer.  Such miraculous moving of God is not limited to modern movies or ancient Scriptures.  Indeed, you and I are promised by our Lord Jesus that we too can be empowered to do “The Works That I Do.”



May 19 – Revelation 21:1-10, 22-22:5 

 “Revelation:  Revealing or Revolting?“


To borrow from a popular expression of the pastor, as Christians we can ‘be not afraid to meet our Maker, but in no hurry to do so.’  Part of that reluctance for us to stand before God can be this ‘apocalyptic’ book of Revelation.  While it should be associated with the end of our earthly life and the beginning of our eternal one, we can get quite caught up in its confusing and sometimes frightening images.  How do YOU see this book of… “Revelation:  Revealing or Revolting?”



May 26 – Acts 11:11-18; John 13:33-35 

 “What ‘Heritage’ Are You Leaving?”

Presbyterian Heritage Sunday


In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus speaks of a ‘new’ commandment:  to “love one another.”  Just how ‘new’ is that command?  New enough to share it with those who are ‘different’ that you and I are… like the Gentiles were ‘different’ than the Jews?  On this Sunday we will consider both our ‘founders’ of faith in the past and the ‘forgers’ of  our faith in the future.  This will be a time for all of us to consider the answers to the question, “What ‘Heritage’ Are You Leaving?”