Support for the Mission of the Church through a Pledge or Donations

It is true!! We worship together again (using CDC guidelines) at our new home at 4590 Corbina Road. It seemed at times just to be a dream, but working together, holding the rope, with GOD holding the other end, we have completed a new home from which to continue HIS work in this community.

DeRidder Fire Response

A call to all Presbyterian churches in the Presbytery of South Louisiana

The Rev. Jerry Egbert and Ruling Elder Boksoon Egbert have reached out to the Presbytery today with the crises that is presently occurring in the Beauregard Parish with the extensive wildfires and evacuations that are presently occurring there. Churches in the area are helping to provide shelter for persons evacuated and support for frontline firefighters.

First Presbyterian Church and the Korean New Worshipping Community of DeRidder are presently in need of funds to help with this effort. Rev. Egbert is respectfully requesting that no material donations be provided because this is just the beginning of the crises, and they have no place to store or unload physical donations. Only monetary donations are needed at this time. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is also assisting us in this response.

Individuals or churches can donate one of two ways:

To donate by mail, send checks to:

First Presbyterian Church, DeRidder
202 N Royal St
Deridder, LA 70634

To donate online, go to the Presbytery’s website ( and click on the link at the top of the page that reads, “Click here to support disaster relief and other ministries.” This will take you to the giving page where you can select “PSL Disaster Response,” enter an amount, note “DeRidder Fire Response” and follow the instructions to complete your donation.

We hope that you might share this news with your congregations this Sunday, and please lift all the people of DeRidder, Leesville, and Beauregard Parish in your community’s prayers.