Serving Our Community

Tutoring Program at Fairview Elementary School

FPC is restarting our tutoring program at Fairview Elementary School which was active prior to the Covid pandemic. We welcome all previous tutors and new participants of the program, and anticipate a kickoff meeting at the school within a couple of weeks.

All who wish to tutor a student or have questions regarding the program should contact Paul Brown promptly at Phone: 336-449-9380 or at Email:

SWLA Responds

SWLA Responds

First Presbyterian Church of Lake Charles has joined SWLA Responds along with other area churches to serve our community.  You can volunteer for disaster recovery in Louisiana!  There are so many ways to get involved from cash & resource donations to time and talent. It’s easy to help out! Visit the SWLA Responds website to learn all the details.

Angie Dilmore at Mission Mart

Ten Thousand Villages Mission Mart​

In 2017, FPC member Angie Dilmore longed for a way for FPC to have a greater capacity for outreach/mission work but was unsure of how to make that happen. After seeing a fundraising market in the lobby of a mega-church in Dallas, Tx., she set out to create something similar, albeit on a smaller scale, at FPC. She partnered with global, fair-trade, environmentally-aware organization, Ten Thousand Villages, and the Mission Mart became a reality. This mobile pop-up shop sells unique, handmade gifts and goods from artisans around the world. 100% of proceeds goes to mission projects both locally and internationally, for example, FPC’s Malawi Partnership.

Save a little bit on items from Ten Thousand Villages and contribute to Mission Mart at the same time! Just use this Order Form.  Angie will place your order with her wholesale account.  She’ll receive the items and let you know when it’s arrived!

Community Coffee Labels for Schools

Members of FPC enjoy Community Coffee in the morning (or through out the day) and we cut and save Community labels for local schools.  The schools can redeem them for cash. It’s an easy and delicious way to contribute! Just check it out at the Community Coffee Cash for Schools  website