Prayer Requests

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Joys & Concerns


  • Bhima Mkutumula, Judith’s husband has passed away. Pray for Judith & Sandra along with their families.
  • Harold Yarbrough, Carla’s ex-husband is in ICU.
  • Odell Dyer has passed away; remember his family and Grace Point Christian Fellowship in your prayers.
  • Phillip Tarver is in GREAT NEED of prayers!  Phillip has had a RELAPSE of MELANOMA; it has METASTASIZED to his lungs, liver, pancreas, and other parts of his body.
  • Viola Bradshaw has asked for prayers to restore her. Her soul needs repair and the barriers removed from her life.
  • Joyces grandson Greggory Constance has passed away, he was only 28.
  • Greg Chaisson, that he remembers God knows him and loves him still. 
  • Anne Klenke is undergoing chemo treatments, pray that it’s successful.
  • Celena Perry needs prayers for her spinal compression fracture and other health issues.
  • Angie asked that we pray for her mother-in-law.  Bob’s father passed away on Wednesday and his mother needs both comfort and guidance.
  • Willie’s father has passed away, pray for the Bellard family.
  • Sally Taylor’s mother, Beth Kirk has been diagnosed with cancer, please keep Beth & Sally in your prayers!
  • Jared De Rouen needs a kidney transplant.
  • Jimmy Taggart, Dorothy Strait’s & John Hood’s cousin, needs prayers. He is going to M.D. Anderson to begin treatment for stomach cancer. It’s a new immunotherapy treatment and starts next Wednesday.
  • Mike Duhon has been placed in hospice care.
  • Pray for our church, the Welsh church, and St. Andrew’s. May the Lord’s will guide our steps.  Fill our congregations with the Holy Spirit!
  • Dorothy, we pray for her continued improving health.
  • Pray for K. B. Lake, who is in a veteran’s home.
  • Monica Vance needs a heart transplant.  May she not only get a new heart but greatly improved general health.
  • We are praying for victims of war; may they have peace and safety.
  • For our service members.
  • For all of our leaders, local, state, national, and global that they may seek God, peace, knowledge, wisdom, and courage.
  • For all in the path of the hurricane.
  • For survivors and victims of car accidents.
  • For the homeless.
  • For the mentally ill.
  • Dorothy is home and she continues to improve!
  • Ceion-re Smith in Houston is still on life support but has improved!
  • Joyce chose to stay in Lake Charles rather than travel to Houston this week.
  • Thanks for Jessie!

Prayerful Ways to Start & End Your Day

Morning Prayer: O God of this and every morning, as I begin this day, call my name; as I step into this day, guide my feet; as I live this day, care for those I love; as I learn this day, teach me your ways. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Evening Prayer: Household Prayer (Evening):
God of stars and planets, the setting sun ends this day for us as it rises on a new day for others. For us and for them, be light in every darkness. In Jesus’ name.  Amen.