Prayer Requests

Joys & Concerns


  • Pray for Wanda Moss’ family, she passed away this week. Her husband was long time physician Ken Moss.
  • Pray for Keith, who tested positive for COVID. As he was unvaccinated, particular concern for a milder case and speedy recovery.
  • Pray for the family of Charles Bettinger, whose Service of Witness to the Resurrection is Tuesday, Oct. 12, at 1130 am at University Baptist Church (service site for Johnson’s Funeral Home). Visitation from 930 till time of service.

Prayerful Ways to Start & End Your Day

Morning Prayer: 

As I open my eyes, I want to feel your Word, living and active and guiding my way. I want to live knowing that what is impossible for me is possible for you. I want to live with the certitude that those who are first will be last, and the last will be first. Give me the courage and the hope to live with your words in my mind for the rest of the day.

In Jesus Christ, my teacher, I pray. Amen.

Evening Prayer:

As I lay down to rest, I look at the times in my day when my heart has felt like fainting, and I have felt like arguing, but I do so with the understanding that even in my deepest sorrow
you were with me. Thank you, God, for understanding and for helping this human being who, if imperfectly, strives to seek out your face, to follow your will, and to understand your Word.
Give me the rest I need to live day by day and step by step.

In the name of my example and my strength, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Pastoral Prayer:

Lord, you want us to be “salt”, to add savor to your world. We cannot be bland witnesses to your love, only working when it’s convenient for us or doing work that is incomplete. If we lose our “saltiness”, it cannot be regained. Give us courage and joy in our service to you. Help us to be people who clear the pathways to service rather than those who place roadblocks and “potholes” in which people can stumble. Many are called to serve You, O Lord. Help us to be people who work willingly with others, not demanding that our way is the only way, but rejoicing in new approach to ministry. May we yet hold on to those ‘tried and true’ elements to our lives of faith: Worship. Study. Mission. Prayer. In that final, most vital, part of identity as Christians, hear those names that we have lifted up to you, both aloud and in silence…
Loving God, Give us confidence and joy in all that we do, for we offer our lives and our prayers to you in the name of Jesus Christ, who gave us both the perfect examples for living, and praying, as we pray the prayer he taught us, saying…