Prayer Requests

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Joys & Concerns


  • David Landreneau for surgery and both David & Laura safe travels
  • Pray for the family of Philip Michael Conner (16) a Saint Louis student was a victim of a tragic accident Monday night.
  • Prayers of comfort for Stephany Fong’s family. Stephany died when her car submerged in water.
  • Mark Judson’s family caring for his sister Deb who broke her hip then had surgery on that this week.
  • A family Joyce Carr knows in Houston, the Howard family was involved in a tragic car accident.  The young mother has been hospitalized with a broken neck and her 8 year old son died. Joyce requested that we pray for this dear family.
  • Pray for those who have lost loved ones through violence in this country and abroad.
  • Phillip asked: Please pray for my finance, clear of debts
  • Ellyn McPherson has broken a hip. She had recently moved into a nursing home there. Cards are encouraged at:
    Ellyn McPherson
    c/o Margaret Boone
    229 Grand Avenue
    Lafayette, LA 70503
  • Jane Ann Hebert has been diagnosed with liver cancer and will begin treatment at MD Anderson.
  • Inci Glover, continued prayers as she undergoes tests & treatment by Houston doctors.
  • Carla’s granddaughter: Mady White, who is having some major life struggles.
  • Patrice Harvey has been diagnosed Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), a rare brain disease that causes problems
    with movement, walking and balance, and eye movements. She also has Macular Degeneration and is losing her eyesight.
  • Phillip asks: Please pray for my upcoming home trip. The planning, schedule, lodging, flight, activities, finance, leave etc I would like to ask God’s provision and blessings on this. Please also pray for my finance, clear of debts.
  • Please pray for my dear friend Joycelyn and her family. Her son died unexpectedly last week. From Dorothy Strait
  • Ellyn Macpherson (former FPC member) has medical issues and is moving to a nursing home in Lafayette
  • Mr. Larry Parker for prayer request. He has multiple medical issues.
  • From Welsh: Kyle Todd lifted up this particularly eloquent request: “God be with us on this Sept. 11th day, to keep our country free from the tyranny of those who would seek to rob us of those freedoms.”
  • John McBride, son of Bill and Fran McBride is hospitalized in CA.  Pray for his quick and full recovery and for safety for his parents as they travel to be at his side.
  • Prayers for Jackson, Mississippi and the suffering resulting from the resent floods.
  • Families in Galveston who are devastated by the loss of a 14 year old boy who was killed by a drunk driver, and two other high school freshman and one of the mothers who are all hospitalized due to the accident.  Sara and Mark Judson’s niece, Caroline, has gone to school with these students and she and her friends welcome prayers for comfort and healing for all impacted and those who care for them.
  • Sally Bothell, (mother of Jon, Pastor Chan’s son-in-law), hospitalized 3x recently for heart condition in W. Lafayette IN
  • Fletcher Pierson was injured in a car accident. Pray for her healing and full recovery.
  • Our church and all churches as we work to remain faithful
  • Jimmy Sandlin – by Ben Taylor – Jimmy undergoing treatment for cancer
  • Melissa and Eric Dilmore – as they have become foster parents and are learning to be parents!
  • Michael Knapp struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, be with those who are surrounding and supporting Michael.


  • Kaki and Paul Brown’s 42nd anniversary.
  • Ben Terry, received good news about his cancer from MD Anderson.
  • Thanksgiving for birth of Ari Cade Brown, son of Alex and Collin. Proud grandparents are Sally and Ben Taylor.
  • For church leaders who teach the word and scripture
  • SWLA Responds, United Way & Community Foundation
  • Mark J is healing after successful hip surgery.

Prayerful Ways to Start & End Your Day

Morning Prayer:
Lord God, you have woken me from sleep; the night is gone, the day is here. Enable me to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and help me to live honorably this day, to the glory of your holy name.  Amen.

Evening Prayer:
God, my Savior, you are even nearer now than when I first learned to trust in you. Help me to lay aside the burdens of the day and rest in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, my strength and my salvation.  Amen.


“God of mercy, justice and peace:
Our spirits are heavy with sorrow, our souls shocked At the sudden and breathtaking violence,
the invasion of Ukraine by their neighbor, Russia.
We pray for lives caught in the grip of war, who hear the bombs in the night,
the ominous movement of troops on the road into town the whistle of incoming shells,
for a cry from a desperate neighbor or a shout of warning. For those who huddle in subways
and basements or flee for the borders, clutching their children’s hands.
We pray for families separated from fathers, brothers and sons who must remain to fight and
protect their homeland.
We pray for neighbors in Eastern and Central Europe
As their hearts and doors open to these refugees
That strained resources will become an abundance of hope
That fears and struggles with racism will yield to a generosity of profound welcome
That communities of faith within Ukraine will be protected from harm and sustained
in their efforts to feed and shelter their neighbors.
That peacemakers and protesters in Russia will be heard and their lives preserved.
May we undergird our prayers with tangible resources to help.
May we reach deeply, give generously, and welcome extravagantly.
May we lift our voices in a strong and unified advocacy.
May we all, even as we breathe in lament, breathe out mercy, hope and peace.
And in this Lenten season, when we walk the way toward death and resurrection, repent our
complicity in cultures of violence and renew our efforts toward justice and peace.”
–The Rev. Dr. Laurie Kraus, Director, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Closing Prayer, from “Moments With the Savior,” by Ken Gire May 1, 2022

Dear Lord Jesus,

          Thank you that no matter how miserably I have let you down, you are always there to pick me up. No matter how many times I have failed you, you are always there to forgive me. No matter how far I have drifted, you are always there on the shore, waiting for me to return—waiting with a comforting fire, warm food, and an affirming arm to put around my shoulder.
          I thank you, too, Lord, for how you arrange circumstances to restore me to a productive life of living for you. How you bring back the precious memories of a time when my love for you was so pure and intense. And how you gently recall to my mind the painful memories that need to be brought to the surface and healed.
          I love you for so many reasons, Jesus. I love you for calling me to follow you. I love you for the honor you have bestowed on me to labor with you in building your kingdom. I love you for teaching me so much. I love you for being so patient when I am so slow to learn. I love you for the great friend you are to me. I love you because you’re on my side, in my corner, fighting for me, not against me. I love you for all that I am because of you. I love you because with your tender hands you lift the crushed pile Satan leaves behind when he winnows, and you blow away the chaff. I love you that you don’t focus on those husked failures but rather on the kernel, however small, of genuine love left in your palm. And seeing it, you take great delight.
          Thank you for all the intimate moments we spend together. I know they mean as much to you as they do to me; and if the whole truth were known, probably more. It thrills me to know that I have contributed, even in a small way,
To your divine pleasure. And that I can bring a smile to the face of God.
          Thank you for all those special people you put in my life. I ask that you send the same healing you have given me to those whom I love. And for those hurting souls around the world who need to know that inner peace that only you can bring… even in the face of all the turmoil that surrounds us.
Thank you for the privilege of sitting at your nail-scarred feet, and gathering at your life-giving Table. Grant me the grace to never regard those privileges casually or to neglect them but to come there humbly, and to come there often.
Help me to understand that only a few things really are necessary in life. And when you get right down to it, only one: to sit at our feet… listening… looking into your eyes… and adoring you…